Monday, May 16, 2016

CadillacCare is the plausible alternative to Obamacare

FYI, this is how a Cadillac health plan looks like.  It covers acupuncture, ambulance, chiropractic services, dental care, doctor visits, family planning services, hearing, hospital and emergency care, laboratory, maternity and newborn care, mental health services [ behavioral], radiology, prescription drugs, preventive health care, specialty care and vision care. 

Either you know or you don’t know about it because only a Chosen Few have Cadillac health plan.  They are the justices of the SCOTUS, the president and members of the POTUS, cabinet members of the POTUS, congressmen and senators, and the honchos of big companies.

It will cost you an arm and a leg if you dare buy a Cadillac health plan and pay for it from your own pocket.
Wait a minute.  The Chosen Few do not  have to pay for their Cadillac health plan.  Why can’t you and I have the same plan at no extra cost? The simple solution is to give every Tom, Dick and Harry and everyone else CadillacCare instead of Obamacare.  I, too, want CadillacCare to the extent of being so nakedly self-serving.

Obamacare has profoundly and drastically changed the landscape of the American health care system.
Believe it or not, before the death of Ayn Rand in 1982, this Russian-born financial and morality guru already understood the complexities of Obamacare [or some semblance of it] and of the forces opposed to it.  For example, Ayn Rand tackled the tangled issue of abortion with clarity and zing.  She said:  “Abortion is a moral right which should be left to the sole discretion of the woman.” 

America is a superior nation.  We need a superior solution.  We have to adopt a real solution that provide affordable, comprehensive health care coverage for every men, women and children from womb to tomb without exception, without any exclusion. 

CadillacCare fulfills the three bedrock requirements of a real health care reform:  reduce costs, guarantee choice and ensure affordable care for all. CadillacCare is aspirational, credible and real.  CadillacCare is what America needs and what America wants. CadillacCare is the plausible alternative to Obamacare.
Projected Revenue By State W/O Tax Increase and W/O Obamacare

State Monthly Revenue in millions Annual Revenue in millions
Alabama $5 $60
Alaska 1 12
Arizona 7 84
Arkansas 3 36
California 38.5 462
Colorado 6 72
Connecticut 4 48
Delaware 1 12
Florida 19 228
Georgia 10 120
Hawaii 1.3 15.6
Idaho 2 24
Illinois 13 156
Indiana 7 84
Iowa 3.5 42
Kansas 3 36
Kentucky 5 60
Louisiana 5 60
Maine 1.4 16.8
Maryland 6 72
Massachusetts 7 84
Michigan 10 120
Minnesota 6 72
Mississippi 3 36
Missouri 6 72
Montana 6 72
Nebraska 2 24
Nevada 3 36
New Hampshire 1.4 16.8
New Jersey 9 108
New Mexico 2.1 25.2
New York 20 240
North Carolina 10 120
North Dakota 1 12
Ohio 12 144
Oklahoma 4 48
Oregon 4 48
Pennsylvania 13 156
Rhode Island 1.1 13.2
South Carolina 5 60
South Dakota 1 12
Tennessee 7 84
Texas 26 312
Utah 3 36
Vermont 1 12
Virginia 9 108
Washington 7 84
West Virginia 1.9 22.8
Wisconsin 6 72
Wyoming 1 12

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